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Project Description

Water Based Adhesives

Su Bazlı Yapıştırıcılar


  • Water based contact adhesives
  • Easy to apply, environmentally friendly and economical
  • Fireproof, easy to clean
  • Provides quick drying and strong adhesion
Product CodeType of AdhesiveCoated Surface m2 (1 lt.)Usage Areas
3M Fast Bond 30Neopren18 m2Plastic sheet, laminate; used in wood and fabric bonding. Provides excellent performance when applied on one component, double surface. Fireproof and easy to clean.
3M Fast Bond 49Acrylic20 m2It is used in insulating materials, fabric, paper, cardboard, foam bonding area. It is applied on one surface. Fast drying provides quick paste.
3M Fast Bond 100Neopren25 m2It is used in many materials such as foam, sponge, polyester, plastic, fabric, wood. As foam and sponge adhesive, it gives very good results in furniture and upholstery applications.
3M Fast Bond 2000Neopren18 m2Used in plywood, plastic sheet, laminate, wood and fabric bonding processes. Fast drying provides very strong adhesion. It is an ideal product for furniture coatings.