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Project Description

Transfer Tapes

Transfer Bantları
Transfer Bantları


  • Strong initial adhesion,
  • Moisture, UV, temperature and chemical resistance,
  • Acrylic adhesive forms for carriers,
  • Good adhesion in gasket, foam, cardboard and textile products,
  • Outdoor resistance
  • High performance in general applications.
Product CodeHolderType of AdhesiveColorThickness (mic.)Temperature Resistance ( °C )Usage Areas
755NoAcrylicŞeffaf15100Used in post-it applications.
756NoAcrylicŞeffaf50100It is used in photo album assemblies as well as in all paper assembly solutions.
3M 927NoAcrylicŞeffaf50121Sealing gasket, foam, carton
3M 950NoAcrylicŞeffaf130121 Plastic, rubber, fabric bonding
3M 467MPNoAcrylicŞeffaf50232Strong and high-strength for all applications
3M 468MPNoAcrylicŞeffaf130232Strong and high-strength for all applications
3M 7952MPNoAcrylicŞeffaf50232Sheet shape of 467MP
3M 7955MPNoAcrylicŞeffaf130232Sheet shape of 468MP
Apparatus with ATG guns
3M 924NoAcrylicŞeffaf50120Paper, cardboard bonding
3M 976NoAcrylicŞeffaf50120Sealing gasket, foam, carton