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Project Description

Special Tapes

Özel Nitelikli Bantlar
Özel Nitelikli Bantlar


  • Low friction coefficient
  • High heat resistance
  • Wear and chemical resistance
  • Adhesive, paint, dirt-repellent, easy to clean surface
Product CodeHolderType of AdhesiveColorThickness (mic.)Elongation ( % )Temperature Resistance (°C)Usage Areas
3M 5480PTFESiliconGrey90140204Roll wrapping tape
3M 5490PTFESiliconGrey90150204Flat carrier
3M 5413PoliamidSiliconAmber7060260High temperature film tape
3M 5421UHMV-PEAcrylicTransparent170300107General purpose tape
3M 5423UHMV-PERubberTranslucent280300107Excellent wear resistance
Egebant P40PETSiliconBlue60160200Powder coating is masking tape