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Project Description

Sealing Products

Sızdırmazlık Ürünleri


  • Does not create bubbles
  • Not affected by moisture
  • Not affected by UV
  • Does not crash and crack
  • Leaves no space in the seal
Product CodeType of AdhesiveColorSurface Protection Time (min.)Curing Time HourSon Sertlik Shore AUygulama
3M 515PUGrey, Black, White240-4202mm / 24 Hour15Sealing on window frame, aluminum concrete and glass surfaces
3M 525PUGrey, Black, White90-1503mm / 24 Hour25Very flexible for concrete sealing
3M 535PUGrey, Black, White60-903mm / 24 Hour40Very flexible for concrete sealing
3M 540PUGrey, Black, White60-903mm / 24 Hour40Cosmetic leakproof, smoke and flame resistant
3M 550PUGrey, Black, White50-904mm / 24 Hour45General purpose sealant can be painted
3M 560PUGrey, Black, White50-604mm / 24 Hour55Very strong panel jointing smoke and flame resistant
3M 590PUBlack25-403,5mm / 24 Hour60-65Structural windshield assembly used vehicle after 3 hours
3M 740HybridGrey, White40-603,5mm / 24 Hour30Cosmetic Leakproof Low Organic Volatile Compound (VOC)
3M 760HybridGrey, Black, WhiteEki.303,5mm / 24 Hour55It can be used above and below the water level. Can be painted without drying
3M 5200FCPUGrey, Black, White 60-1203,5mm / 24 Hour60The boat body and deck assembly provide sealing under and above water.
3M 5200 PUGrey, Black, White 48 Hour 1mm / 24 Hour68Boat body and deck assembly, plastic glass window bonding