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Project Description

Electrician Gloves

Elektrikçi Eldivenleri


Natural latex base offers excellent electrical insulating qualities. Thickness of the glove offers protection up to 36,000 V and permits a high degree of freedom of movement. The ergonomic design and the light powdered interior combine to provide additional softness, increasing comfort and allowing the glove to be worn and removed very easily. The twisted-tipped gloves are in two shades: the beige outer and brown inner layers allow immediate detection of any damage to the glove.


  • Transformer maintenance
  • Electrical breakdown
  • High-voltage power lines
Kesik Uç Eldiven

Cut Edge Gloves

Kıvrık Uç Eldiven

Rolled Edge Gloves

Deri Dış Eldiven


Product CodeClassWorking VoltageLengthSizeCategoryTypeColor
Honeywell 2091903050036007.KasAZCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 20919060100041007.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 20919070100036008.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 20919111750041009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 20919121750036009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2090221217.00041009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2091921217.00036009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2090231326.50041009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2091931326.50036009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2091941436.00041009.KasRCCUT EDGEBeige
Honeywell 20919080100036009.KasRCROLLED EDGEBeige
Honeywell 20919131750041009.KasRCROLLED EDGEBeige
Honeywell 209192221700041009.KasRCROLLED EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2091932326.50041009.KasRCROLLED EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2091942436.00041009.KasAZCROLLED EDGEBeige
Honeywell 2012897Low Voltage2,5-5 KWOVERGLOVELeather
Honeywell 2012898Middle Voltage10KWOVERGLOVELeather
Honeywell 2012899High Voltage20-30 KWOVERGLOVELeather