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Egebant Zımpara ve Polisaj Malzemeleri San. ve Tic. AŞ.

About Us

Egebant Zımpara ve Polisaj Malzemeleri (Sandpaper and Buffing Materials) San. ve Tic. AŞ. was established in 1969. Today, Egebant offers its valued customers hundreds of varieties of high-quality products produced by world-renowned brands.

Egebant sells the products of 3M, Klingspor and Naxoflex, producers of the highest-quality sandpapers for the wood and metal industries across the globe, to the Turkish market. As well as being the strongest supplier of Sicad and 3M self-adhesive tapes, 3M and Honeywell work safety products and Dynabrade air-supported hand tools, Egebant offers many high-quality products under its own Egebant and Sander brand names.

Egebant’s Head Offices and main factory building are in Şekerpınar and Çayırova within Kocaeli province, just 50km outside Istanbul, and consist of an open-area of 12.000m² and a closed-area of 14.000m². Egebant has invested in the east of Turkey and created employment opportunities with its new second factory in Şanlıurfa. Egebant and Sander branded, high-quality flap disks and protective gloves are produced at this factory that has an open-area of 9000m² and a closed-area of 5400m² and which are then offered to the market. Both of Egebant’s factories have a modern design, covered car parking, advanced security systems as well as large meeting and seminar rooms. They provide employment for 400 employees.

Thanks to its active sales team and dealers, Egebant is spreading its customer-focused service and product quality across the country. Its field sales team increases customer satisfaction to the highest levels with on-site service, demos and training programmes.

Egebant is committed to continuing along the same path of success by successfully growing its brand and name just as it has been already for the past 50 years.



Valued Partners and Colleagues,

From its beginnings in 1969, Egebant has taken its place in the country’s industrial sector thanks to its qualities of leadership, innovation and investment. Beginning with abrasives, then moving on to adhesive bands, we are now adding to this list the production at our Şanlıurfa factory of safety products which we had previously only distributed We used the world’s best production lines and technology to meet our aim of producing the highest-quality products. We know that our greatest strength is our employees and we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to ensure this strength is as successful as possible. Egebant continues to grow as it always has in the past without compromising its commitment to its highly held principle of honesty. We have begun to take the steps to ensure that our success in the national market can be transferred and witnessed internationally, too. We expect our volume of business in our local region to grow in the upcoming few years. With this aim, we want to continue with new products and in new areas with your support to continue our continuous, and sustainable, growth.

I offer my thanks to our valued partners and employees who have had role in Egebant’s success with their labour, effort and support.

With my regards,


General Manager

Valued Partners and Colleagues,

Our company that began 49 years ago with industrial abrasive products, today serves its customers with a wide product portfolio made up of abrasive products (sandpapers), adhesive bands and occupational safety and personal protection materials.

Our customers’ needs and expectations have always been for us the most important determinants. Egebant’s most important quality is its ability to produce fast and reliable solutions for its customers problems and needs. We offer the innovative and technological products of the world’s most important brands with which we work with to our customers with the most competitive conditions and a professional approach. We constantly strive to have an innovative and competitive structure via constant investment in the name of keeping pace with a quickly changing and developing world and technology.

We have been striving to be a leader in our sector, using the strength we can obtain from our country which has in recent years become a global power thanks to growth and development in a stable environment. We taking the steps to become a voice in the international market as a competitive company on the global stage with our investment.

We act, while managing our company, under the notion that “a customer’s fondness cannot be won without winning that of an employee”. Our employees are our most important strength. We believe in the power of stability with our experienced team with which we have been working with for many years.

We continue to work with all our effort for an Egebant that is able to meet its customers’ needs at the highest levels, the sector leader, continually growing and developing, reliable and honest as well as being a source of pride for our employees and happiness for our customers.

With my regards,