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We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset in reaching the corporate objectives and strategic success.

For this reason in recruitment and placement processes, we focus on recruiting candidates who are eligible in terms of conformity with our corporate culture and values; who possess the know-how, talents, experience and competence required for the job; and who have the capacity to carry our company further with the aim of serving our strategy and goals.

If you would like to join our team, you can apply online at to our open positions or you can send your resume to 


Based upon the concept of continuous development, our main goal is to help employees become aware of their knowledge and talents, to identify areas to be developed in cooperation and to meet these requirements through suitable development programs.

We aim to align employee competence with the strategic goals of our company by encouraging employees to improve their vision and strengthen their personal and occupational talents.


Career Planning and Talent Management is our human resources planning process that aims to identify the requirements for human resources that may carry the Company towards the future in line with the strategic plans to give priority to firstly seeking such potential employees with such qualities within the Company, and to provide them with the required occupational knowledge, talents and development opportunities.

With the Career Planning and Talent Management process, critical positions within the Company are efficiently backed-up and sustainable performance is achieved.